An Introduction to ORU for Newbies-Through the eyes of the Galactic Armed Forces (GAF)

An Introduction to ORU for Newbies-Through the eyes of the Galactic Armed Forces (GAF)

By Michelle CarrawayPart Four “Absolutely no firearms, Sir.” “Say that again?”“It sounds like they would merrily murder us all just for possessing them, Captain. It’s a whole cultural thing. ““That could be a serious problem for field missions. I don’t like the idea of being in a strange galaxy without any way to protect ourselves. Especially if we are going to be around people who get upset about the most unreasonable things! Who doesn’t love firearms?”“Gelacks, Sir.” Verily acknowledged this with an aquiescent nod of his head. “True, I was just informed of that, wasn’t I?” He smiled his boyish grin at Lieutenant Wheeton who felt her knees go to water at the light in his blue eyes. She took a step forward and continued with barely suppressed enthusiasm. “I don’t think protection will be a problem, Verily, umm, I mean, Captain… not if we all practice our fencing skills along the way, at any rate.”“I don’t want to be packing a rapier as my most heavy artillery and end up looking down the wrong end of an alien version of a P-90, Sasha!” Sasha’s dark eyes looked worried, “I agree, Captain, but these reports are very definite about this matter. Possession of ANY firearm is considered an obscene criminal act and it is perfectly acceptable to be executed on the spot for your crime… assuming they can control their anger long enough to execute you and don’t just pull you apart limb by limb with their bare hands…” She trailed off and looked around the bridge where everyone was watching her with wide eyed fear. “Well, I mean, we just can’t bring guns. Other than that they do seem to be perfectly polite and civilized.”All eyes continued to watch her and Sasha started to speak uncontrollably, desperate to satiate their unhappiness with sheer volume of information. “I mean, they certainly have their cultural differences from our own… most cultures do, that’s why we all joined GAF, isn’t it, to see new things?” One of the Petty Officers put up his hand, “ I just didn’t want to go to jail. Honestly this seemed safer at the time. Also, I really wanted to carry a gun.”Sasha wrinkled her nose at him, “Thanks, Ryan, that’s super. Look, they are complicated, I admit that.” Sasha gestured with her head towards the three foot high stack of papers that was considered a brief overview of the Okal Rel Universe. “But you know, I’ve been thinking about it and I know that I personally rely on my gun more than I should. If it was ever taken from me I don’t know how I would actually handle that situation.”The Captain’s brow furrowed, “You’d be just fine, Lieutenant. You’re very resourceful and you have been in that sort of situation and survived it.” Sasha nodded, a tad impatiently. This was an inopportune time for Captain Verily’s nearly endless optimism. “Yes, of course, but what I mean to say, Captain, is that I should be studying hand to hand combat more than I have been. Way more. And what is wrong with learning how to use a sword? We all took multiple style combat lessons when we were in training, but over the years I don’t think many of us have kept up on them.” Petty Officer Ryan McKenzie looked sullen and mischevious as usual. “Hey, I don’t have no skills worth mentioning so there’s really nothing to keep up on.” Sasha rounded on him angrily. “I know you’re file, petty officer! You’ve got eight years training and practice of Russian Martial Arts, and that was before you joined GAF!”Ryan blushed to the roots of his light brown hair. “Hey, keep it down or everyone will want some.”Sasha beamed at him. “That’s right everyone will want some of it. We have to use this trip to hone all our skills and pool our talents. It’s the only way we will get through this is as a working team. A working team without firearms.” Ryan scowled, “How about laser canons? Can we use laser canons?” Captain Verily rolled his eyes. “Of course we can’t use laser canons.” He turned back to his lieutenant. “We can’t use laser canons, can we?”Sasha shook her head. It was at that moment that Supply Sargeant Wodin and Airman Shady walked in through the sliding door at that moment, just as the Captain was saying, “Wait a minute, I think before we go much further we need to know what sort of laser cannons and other weaponry the Okal Rel Universe is going to be holding over our heads. Do you have a list of their known weapons capabilities, Wheeton?”Sasha picked up a clipboard, “Right here, sir.”

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