Captain Wrought, Verily

Verily Wrought is the son of Victorinus Wrought, the CEO of Wrought Industries, Wrought Pharma, Wrought Resources, Natural Nutrive Food Corp and others. Raised on a private asteroid, Verily Wrought attended the prestigious Blackstone Academy where his schoolmates included Annanth Halvorrsson, Dominic Donovan and Wendell Mock. Verily Wrought joined the Continue Reading

Deadline for Personnel Files

Attention Active GAF members! MEMO: Deadline for Personnel Files FROM: General Skoda TO: Every Frickin’ Body That Hasn’t Done What They’re Ordered Ahem. How long does it take you numbskulls out there to upload these personnel files? It’s been ten soladays, six and two thirds Rigeldays, and nothing. I don’t Continue Reading