Private Ryan O’ Reilly

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Ryan O Reilly was born on Eriador III, the third child in a family of sixteen. The O Reilly’s were one of the leading families in Lakeshore, the main trading town on the colonial planet. Eriador had been settled by human colonists as part of the first wave of “theme settlement,” where planets were colonized according to guiding principles and ideologies.

Ryan’s family had belonged to the first group of colonists to establish the planet, and Ryan had been slated to be the mayor of the influential town of Lakeshore before the Encroachment- a soft invasion of malevolent aliens allied with the Istafaan who lay outside the jurisdiction of the GAGA. The Encroachment resulted in the leaders of Eriador III having to allow greater GAGA and GAF presence on the planet to ensure the safety of the culture established.

When Ryan was 16 years old, he was arrested past curfew after failing to report for the third week in a row to his GAGA school. Ryan was sentenced to four years in a GAGA prison for the death of a GAF soldier who was attempting to restrain him.

Four years turned into life when Ryan was convicted of instigating a prison station riot and usurping control from the GAGA’s warden, Clements. O Reilly’s only option- defer his life sentence to a decade long tour with the GAF, specifically with the shock troops sent to engage the Istafaan during the Second Damascus Sector conflict.

Pvt. O Reilly is currently six years into his decade long tour with the Galactic Armed Forces, and has been decorated four times for outstanding bravery and gallant conduct. He has also been court martialled twice. Ryan is currently serving with Detach Detachment.

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