Halvorrsson, Annanth

Halvorrsson, Annanth

Annanth Halvorrsson is the only child of inventor and energy magnate Ivor Halvorrsson. As brilliant a scientist as her father, and as equally naïve, Annanth attended Blackstone Academy and graduated valedictorian. Having her choice of post secondary education, Annanth chose to attend Cambridge on Old Earth due to its incomparable organo-chemico-physics department.

Following her impeccable graduation, she went on to obtain degrees in Hyperphysics, xenobiology, geophysics and computational mathematics. Annanth was widely regarded as the smartest woman in the galaxy- and the press routinely used her unselfconscious appearance to cut her down to a more galactically-acceptable size. This media habit turned into a point-blank whitewash of the multitudinous humanitarian and scientific advances Annanth and her HOHO organization.

Fed up with her lot as a wallflower, Annanth decided to undergo a makeover in order to obtain satisfaction in every area of her life. As the last of her illustrious Blackstone Class to learn the subtleties of media manipulation, Annanth showed her incomparable intellect again by outstripping her classmates in brand recognition- not just for her newly revamped form, but for her scientific and humanist causes as well.

Following the HSD outbreak, Annanth signed on full time as a scientist with her old friend Verily Wrought’s Detach Detachment. She and Verily’s first civilian scientist, Dr. Buxbie, continue to explore the cutting edge of scientific inquiry as the Detachment explores new worlds, cultures and phenomena.

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