Another Media Mention for the GAF

A Note from Captain Verily Wrought:


It has come to my attention that an Old Earth press has recently compiled and published the first classic media, old print book of the adventures of Detach Detachment, its friends and relations.


Though I was unable to procure a supply of the copies of the book, Tales from Space Volume One is undergoing a second print run, and I am pleased to announce that I have reserved a bevvy of copies for those Detach Detachment members and other GAFF collectors who might want a piece of Galactic Armed Federation Forces history.

By visiting the StarkLight Press fb site and messaging for a copy with the code “DETACHED1”, you can grab one of the special copies which have been reserved.

GAFF members who use this code will also receive in addition to the copy signed by the authors, a special three piece StarkLight Press Tales from Space fan pack.

Show support for your Detachment, and grab one today!

-Verily Wrought.

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