Dr. Christopher Buxbie

Dr. Christopher Buxbie

Dr. Buxbie is one of the GAGA’s most controversial figures. He is the only man or organization to have taken Wrought Industries not only the GAGA Human Rights Court but also criminal court. Buxbie has filed multiple charges against Wrought Industries Munitions and Victorinus Wrought himself- and Buxbie is also the only plaintiff to have won a case against said defendant.

Dr. Buxbie is a shadowy figure whose background is obscured, but it is known he is from the West Midlands in Old Earth, and has been a professor Emeritus at Cambridge for many years. He is the GAGA’s foremost authority on biochemistry and nuclear physics, as well as being well versed in hyperphysics and xenogenometrics.

Dr. Buxbie has a wealth of associated learning in fields as varied as history, linguistics, literature and arcane metaphysical antiquities. He is a prolific paper writer in these fields as well as his own, and has published over seventy books on various subjects.

He was jailed by the GAGA for illicit substance trafficking and manufacture as a result of his creation of the popular designer drugs Hormutual-A and dinestin. He was brought up on charges of genetic tampering for his creation of Buxbie’s Better Bees, but charges were dropped when the GAGA decided instead to control the purchase of the insects, who were manufactured to withstand the high organo-industrial pollutants and radiation on colonized planets.

Following this, Dr. Buxbie was next seen taking Victorinus Wrought to the Human Rights Court for war crimes due to his vending of white phosphorus and hyper-isotope tipped weapons. In response, Buxbie was pursued by the security division of the GAGA- the Galactic Response Intelligence Mandate or GRIM. This pan-galactic chase resulted in Dr. Buxbie going underground and eventually resurfacing as the scientific advisor to Verily Wrought- who was able to finally convince his father Victorinus to rescind his request for Buxbie’s detainment. Under Verily Wrought’s patronage, Dr. Buxbie has developed new techniques for radiation chelation, new hyperspace navigation equipment and the HSD vaccine.

Famed pop singer Dom Donovan also credits Dr. Buxbie with saving his life, as the performer was the first test subject for the vaccine. Shipping magnate Howard Donovan also credits Buxbie with his recovery from blue tuberculosis.

Dr. Buxbie currently is attached to Detach Detachment where he is the squad’s science advisor. Although the GRIM forces no longer actively pursue him, it has been made clear by Victorinus Wrought that there is still a private bounty on Buxbie’s head dating from the GRIM warrant era. It is the longest outstanding bounty in recent GAGA history.

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