Excerpt from An Incident in El Noor

Coming at the end of this week is the first of three excerpts of Segreant Wodin Whatthehel’s heroic actions during a heavy firefight with the El Noorians. Due to be published later this year, An Incident in El Noor is the long-awaited novel of the series of GAF online serials. It gives the full, chronological account of the second great El Noor conflict in modern GAF history, and sets the stage for the third Quadrant Conflict.

Originally published in serial form on the old GAF Mainframe website and passed around amongst the GAF fan faithful, An Incident in El Noor is the first hard copy of the entire account of the conflict between the GAGA and the El Noor fundamentalists.

An Incident in El Noor  will hit shelves and Barnes and Noble.com October 2014.



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