An Incident in El Noor Excerpt Part One

StarkLight Press

Here it is, folks, the first of three parts of Wodin Whatthehel’s heroic deeds during the El Noor Incident!

This is a segment of An Incident in El Noor, which is the first complete accounting of the exploits of Detach Detachment during the

El Noor conflict.

By Tony Stark copyright 2014 StarkLight Press


The gunfire was coming hot and heavy over the lip of the foxhole. A constant barrage of heavy artillery fire shook the ground into which he was dug. Splatters of mud rained down upon Wodin’s head along with water mixed with blood. Rocks the size of his fist dented his flack helmet. El Noor war cries and screams filtered through the staccato of their machine guns to stun the treble portion of Wodin’s hearing as well as the base. On top of everything, rain smacked into his face, blown by the gusting wind as much…

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