Encyclopaedia Galactica Joins Forces with the GAF- By Sam McCoy, GNN Correspondent


-Telamar V


Announcing a long-awaited information sharing agreement between the Galactic Armed Forces and information megaglot Encyclopaedia Galactica, General Emil Skoda today took to the podium.

“The Encyclopaedia Galactica is, hands down, the most comprehensive reference service in the galaxy,” the General stated in front of a crowd of holo cameras and reporters. While behind him the Fountain of Peace bubbled in its characteristic display, the high commander of the galaxy’s armed forces outlined the terms of the watershed agreement.

“GAF troops will now have at their disposal a proprietary comm link to the entire, unabridged reference library of the Encyclopaedia. Accessed on a multi-phase encrypted sub-ether band, even our forces in the most far-flung reaches of the galaxy will have access to all the most up to date information the galaxy has to offer. Coupled with the latest intelligence reports from IntelliGAF, our troops will be able to be more protected, make better tactical decisions and improve further our interplanetary profile.”

When asked by Sam McCoy of GNN if the comm link would reliably stretch to the El Noor sector, noted for the patchy effectiveness of GAF hardware, the General assured the crowd that GAF members would now be fully informed even to the edges of the galaxy.

General Skoda refused to comment on the possible remunerative numbers, merely stating the public cost of

individual EG subscription  ($500 credits per year) was

renegotiated for the GAF.

The President of Encyclopaedia Galactica was unavailable at the time of the press conference and so no company statement regarding the change in position regarding the agreement was available. Since its inception nearly two hundred fifty years ago, EG has steadfastly promoted itself as an instrument of peace and has flatly refused to combine forces with the galactic or planetary military, citing risk of bias in its entries.

The remarkable agreement annouced today on Telamar V marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Encyclopaedia.

– Galactic Times


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