Dalton, planet

Dalton Discovered by it’s namesake, Albert Dalton, (see addition entry), Dalton is now best known throughout the galaxy as the birthplace of Sasha Wheaton, who went on to make headline news as the love interest of notable celebrity, playboy, and second richest man in the galaxy, Verily Wrought. Dalton is Continue Reading

Bluestone Maenad

Bluestone Maenad Although widely regarded as an urban legend, the disturbing psychological ruination of Sylvia ______ was all too real. Many dramatizations of the story, including the popular movie, ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’, include drastic variations of the story and portray Sylvia murdering people and resorting to cannibalism Continue Reading

The More You Know Thursdays- Encyclopaedia Galactica Entry Additions

New to this year’s edition of EG are over 1923 entries, including these that follow every Thursday for the next few weeks. We are pleased to borrow the rights from the current print edition of Encyclopaedia Galactica from its Old Earth Publisher, StarkLight Press, and to them we credit the Continue Reading