The More You Know Thursdays- Encyclopaedia Galactica Entry Additions

New to this year’s edition of EG are over 1923 entries, including these that follow every Thursday for the next few weeks.

We are pleased to borrow the rights from the current print edition of Encyclopaedia Galactica from its Old Earth Publisher, StarkLight Press,

and to them we credit the rights of the entries published.


These entries will inform the curious reader of StarkLight’s flagship GAF vehicle, Tales from Space, wherein the newbie to the Galaxy can learn about all the many topics included in the short stories and memoirs contained in Tales from Space.

Check back to our page, Encyclopaedia Galactica, at the GAF Mainframe, for the latest additions to the listings.

Interested parties can also pre-order their copy of the Encyclopaedia Galactica, fully illustrated edition, available in 2015, or pre-order the handy ebook or paperback reference (non-illustrated), available in November 2014.
This is the same reference used by the Galactic Armed Forces to keep its troops on the cutting edge of galactic information, and we are very happy to be able to share it with Old Earth through StarkLight Press.


– Captain Verily Wrought, Detach Detachment, GAF.


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