Dalton, planet


Discovered by it’s namesake, Albert Dalton, (see addition entry), Dalton is now best known throughout the galaxy as the birthplace of Sasha Wheaton, who went on to make headline news as the love interest of notable celebrity, playboy, and second richest man in the galaxy, Verily Wrought.

Dalton is an industrial planet primarily colonized as a source of uranium and other energy minerals. Many nuclear plants were placed on Dalton and their energy was placed in long acting crystalline batteries that were used to power space ships, space stations and provide energy for the many colonies that required it.

Dalton is, as are most energy planets, a highly organized place that relies on having workers trained and conditioned to deal with the specific tasks required of the equipment in the fields of mining, refining and running the nuclear plants as well as ‘energy transportation’ fields.

There is a high level of radiation and other pollution on such planets and as a result there are many birth defects, or ‘abnormalities’, (see additional entries). Abnormalities contribute to many colonists of energy planets never leaving them and so they are not thought of much by the rest of the galaxy. That

was changed when Sasha Wheaton began speaking about her life on Dalton and there was a general public outcry against the conditions of such planets followed by nobody really knowing what to do about the conditions since technically everyone there was there of their own free will.

Nevertheless, conditions of energy planets are generally much worse then conditions in most of the rest of the galaxy, although there are a few exceptions (see also entries on Old Earth, and Al Noor Station). There are constant developments of newer, better and much more efficient technologies that are frequently ignored due to problems of logistics and implementation.

For more information on Dalton see Dalton’s Daughter.

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