Wrought Industries

Wrought Industries is the single largest corporation conglomerate in the galaxy. It is so large and its subsidiaries so multitudinous that the GAGA had to develop its own tax code for the company to ensure all available revenues were requisitioned.¬† Its products include everything from toilet paper to its trademark “Puddin’ Hots”; inter-system missiles to laser cannons and old fashioned bullets.

Wrought Industries began as a military supply concern that bought out two old Earth transportation networks and a munitions company. Victorinus Wrought acquired the company with money he earned from re-distributing the rights to his new wife Enora’s motion pictures, and spun the canny purchases into the eponymous multi-system conglomerate. Victorinus Wrought cannily invested in new food and drug ventures, power supply companies and stations, and of course his ever expanding miltiary munitions divisions. He invested large sums of money in endearing Wrought Industries to the GAGA Commons to further expand his company’s contracts and squeeze out his competition.

Victorinus Wrought is a contemporary of Ivor Halvorrsson of Halvorrsson Inc. Ivor’s invention of Puddin’ Hots was stolen by Wrought’s Verily Wrought Foods Corp. This last intellectual theft sealed Verily Wrought Foods’ position as number one supplier of meals and meal supplements to the worker-class in the Galaxy. It also earned Victorinus a life-long enemy in Halvorrsson.

Wrought Industries is conspicuously lacking in aerospace interests. This is in no small part due to the fact that the leader in GAGA aeronautics, Donovan Aerospace, has gone to great lengths of corporate defense against Wrought’s light-fingered approach to patent and product development. Donovan Aerospace’s CEO, Howard Donovan, (at whose party Victorinus first met his wife Enora) has foregone his dubious friendship with Victorinus on several occasions to take Wrought Industries’ CEO before the GAGA high court on no less than five separate occasions for patent infringement. Donovan’s extreme wealth and canniness has allowed him to evade Wrought’s usual cutthroat methods of dealing with those who raise suits against his interests. Donovan’s uncanny prescience with regard to the man and his company’s machinations checkmated Victorinus and drove him out of the Aerospace field. A dearth of competent engineers willing to work for the hot-tempered and hard-driven Wrought sealed the aerospace market once and for all out of Wrought Industries’ grasp.

Wrought Industries’ chief corporate partner¬† is Donovan Aerospace, from whom it buys and leases more vehicles and transportation devices than the GAGA and the GAF combined.¬† It uses these vehicles to move over 112.3 trillion credits worth of goods and munitions about the galaxy a day. Wrought Industries controls the markets in food and food-like supplements; consumer goods; electronics centered around communication and Galactic Positioning as well as entertainment virtual reality; uniforms for service and military use; garden supplies and primary food product services; munitions and military comm units as well as resource-based chemicals and power batteries.

It’s most environmentally friendly organization, Enora Wrought Orchards, is the largest provider of GAGAorganic natural foodstuffs in the galaxy. EWO possesses the galaxy’s largest seed bank, located on the fourth planet in the Brandenburg system. It supplies seeds to nearly every farmer in the entire galaxy who wants to grow Old Earth food products. It’s market share of seed and primary food supply products is 290 trillion credits a year- less than two percent of Verily Wrought Foods’ GM seed production facilities, which make the genetically modified super foods that provide Wrought Industries with everything from protein meal to biofuels and everything in between.

Wrought Industries’ stranglehold on galactic supply has been brought before the GAGA House Corporate Relations Committee every year since the company’s first quintillion dollar profit year. The case has only ever made it past its first hearing on one occasion- the same year the Wrought Industries was set to release its first multi-system carrier transport vehicle. Like the WroughtVan, the case against the company was shelved and quietly forgotten- as was the civil suit Howard Donovan placed against Wrought Industries for patent infringement of his engine design.

Today Wrought Industries products can be found in every area of the galaxy’s homes. A recent subether survey revealed that the average home contained over 300 Wrought Industries products.

28% of the galaxy works either for Wrought Industries or one of its subsidiaries.

-Tony Stark.

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