Alpha Quadrant

The Alpha quadrant is where some of the most expensive realestate in the GAGA can be found. The Telamar planets and Brandenburg both exist in this section of the galaxy, along with Victorinus Wrought’s private asteroid.

It is the original home of the GAGA and still home to its headquarters on Telamar V. This planet belongs to the Telamer, the original founders of the GAGA, who later ceded much of their authority to natives of the Beta quadrant- in particular the bipedal inhabitants of Old Earth. Amongst the GAGA inhabitants less schooled in its history there is often confusion about why GAGA and GAF HQ are both in the Alpha quadrant.

The few survivors of the ancient race of the Telamer were aware of their fading vitality and were eager to find a race who would be capable of carrying on the necessary bureaucracy and drudgery that running the GAGA entailed. They were delighted when they made contact with the Earthlings, who seemed perfect for the task.

The Telamer are at their lowest population ebb ever in the GAGA.  The few who do survive live on almost exclusively in the Alpha sector with a small population enjoying the high life on Brandenburg. (See entry Telamer, Brandenburg, Victorinus Wrought, Fountain of Peace)

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