Bluestone Maenad

Bluestone Maenad

Although widely regarded as an urban legend, the disturbing psychological ruination of Sylvia ______ was all too real. Many dramatizations of the story, including the popular movie, ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’, include drastic variations of the story and portray Sylvia murdering people and resorting to cannibalism in her ruinous eating frenzy. There is little to no proof of either.

The only facts of the story that are known are that Sylvia_________ was left to house sit for her aunt and uncle. She became the first ever documented case of a mental disorder known as Maenad Bulimia (see separate entry). Her psychological reports remain sealed to the general public to this day, but it is rumoured that she is still alive and is living in GAGAPsych Services’ mental ward on Miller’s Landing called ‘Mercurial’.

Her aunt released a statement a decade after the fateful housesitting. In it, Sylvia’s aunt confessed that it did seem that Sylvia had eaten kittens, but was unclear whether they were cooked or eaten raw. Most of the rumours associated with her story, always referred to as The Bluestone Maenad, are overblown or imaginary. The name was given because she attended Bluestone Academy on scholarship and thus laid some claim of connection with the exclusive school.  Amongst her many delusions during her psychotic break, Sylvia became convinced that she was a Maenad and that her feeding frenzy was as a result of her worship of Bacchus, an old earth god of wine and lord of the wild women called ‘maenads’.

-Virginia Carraway Stark, writing for Encyclopaedia Galactica.

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