Miller’s Creek

The community that supports Bluestone Academy and Bluestone University.

Named for the original settlers, Dean and Joan Miller, the community is filled with a largely affluent population supported by an underclass of men, women and young people in the service industry. It is also frequently used by the more wealthy members of the community as a place to secure jobs for their children in order to fill out their children’s resume and ‘build character’.

Miller’s Creek is located on the Miller’s Landing Planet in the Alpha quadrant (see additional entries for more information). It is known as a breeding ground for the rich and famous.Many well known personalities and celebrities were schooled at Bluestone Academy as youngsters and went on the Bluestone University.

The origins of Miller’s Creek are murky and bathed in blood. Dean Miller was a famous alchemist and magician. His son Harvey Miller went on to found both Bluestones based off of his father’s teachings and notes.

Dean Miller was said to have made a deal with the devil to make into Miller’s Landing into a prestigious cultural center. Diaries and letters that were saved by Dean Miller’s son, Harvey, show that there was a lot of dark mystery surrounding those early days of settling forests and meadows that would become Miller’s Creek. The public account is that Dean Miller went insane from years of dabbling with alchemical experiments. Miller was particularly interested mercury and copper sulphate and did many vaporization ‘experiments’ in his quest for fame, fortune and immortality. Miller died a wealthy man and left a fortune as well as an established manor house, fields, orchards, herds and loyal servants. He certainly achieved his goal of fortune, as well as a certain macabre fame. Dean Miller died in his early forties, an old man before his time. His health was failing along with his mental acumen and he became determined that his wife, Joan and three of their four children were possessed by demons.

He brutally murdered his children- Ruth, age 16, James, age 14, and Sheila, age 10 and his wife Joan in front of his eldest son, Harvey, who was only 17 at the time. He chopped off all of their heads and then their hands and feet, afterwards he put his bloody hands on either of Harvey’s shoulders and told him that he was ‘the man of the house now.’ After this enigmatic statement Dean Miller shot himself.

(See also: ‘Dean Miller’, ‘Harvey Miller’ and ‘The Miller Masacre’. )

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