Telamer, race

The Telamer were an ancient race of highly intelligent and long lived beings who developed the majority of the GAGA technology and founded the GAGA empire as well. Although most of their existence was focused on exploring the Alpha Quadrant, they had many brave pioneers and entrepreneurs who explored the Gamma Quadrant as well. They were always in need of more minerals for their Hyperspace Drives (See Entries ‘Niles Drive’ and ‘Hyperspace Drive’.

A once tall and proud people, they were exposed to an unknown Detriment Particle that sterilized their entire race. Once they became certain that all of their efforts of curing or cloning themselves was unsuccessful, the Telamer began scouring the galaxy so that they could leave their legacy to a race who would carry on their Empire.

The Telamer discovered Earth after centuries of searching. They spent centuries more establishing communication and studying the Earthlings before committing to make them their heirs.

The Telamer had some limited success with hybridization, but the hybrids were much diminished from their parents, lacking their longevity and their memory and intellect. Some of the hybrids found that they were more comfortable away from the many reminders of their failings. They wandered the galaxy and became merchants or brigands.

As their millenniums’ long lifetimes wound down, the Telamer have lost their proud stature and clear, opalescent skin. They have become puddled, wrinkled, grey beings who shuffle about nearsightedly. Some of the Telamer remain at HQ to lend their wisdom to the current leaders of the GAGA, but more and more it has become common to find the remaining survivors of this ancient race sunning themselves on Brandenburg or other elite planets of the GAGA.

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