GAF Mainframe Writer Hierarchy

In keeping with the GAF’s military structure, we at GAF Mainframe have developed a long-standing rank system for our writers and contributors. This system is an easily understood, accessible way to track and reward author contributions and progress to the GAF Universe.

It is divided up into three tiers, based loosely off of Air Force Designations and mirroring the Ranks of the GAF:

Enlisted GAF Writers- these are authors who have brought interesting new ideas to the table but focus largely on their own worlds and writing within them. This level of admittance to the GAF Mainframe allows you to write commentary on existing GAF history and events, as well as fan-fiction based romps, hypotheticals and crossovers, all subject to GAF fact verification.

Enlisted Ranks:

Spaceman First Class– this is for authors who have contributed to the Exo-Bestiary or written general fiction based on ‘day in the life’ adventures of GAGA citizens. These stories flesh out the world and are largely stand-alone items.

Staff Sergeant- an enlisted author who moves from Spaceman duties to writing about general fan-fiction involving GAGA citizens, personalities or D.D. members, or historical figures.

Technical Sergeant– an enlisted author who enjoys writing scientific theory papers, fleshing out the research aspect of the GAF’s work or giving expository on certain laws, conventions and processes in the GAF, without amalgamating the stories into larger fictional works.

Officer GAF Writers- this tier is reserved for authors who enjoy working with the existing elements in the GAF, adding their own innovative ideas seamlessly into the GAGA and adding to the life adventures of Detach Detachment, other famous GAGA personalities or writing in the GAF Historical Archives (generally regarded as taking place before the birth of Victorinus Wrought). These authors have devoted many hours to getting their knowledge of the GAF, its science and its nuances just right, and can be regarded by Enlisted Authors as a resource to getting their own stories up to spec.

Officer Ranks:

Master Sergeant of the GAF – though technically a non-comm rank, in the GAF master sergeants are present for nearly all officer meetings and are an integral part of the officers’ ability to control, utilize and monitor the men and other assets. In the same way, this level of authorship in the GAF confers a strong practical knowledge of the GAGA, the GAF and its operations along with a competent, easy writing style that is explicatory and adaptive. These are the people you want to come to when you have any basic questions about how the GAF works. They write essential short stories on their own topics, seamlessly adding cameos of GAGA subjects.

Second Lieutenant- These officer class writers are able to delve deeper into the psyches of main characters and predict behaviour patterns of government, races etc. with greater ease. They have a focus more on the people and motivations of the GAGA as opposed to purely plot driven adventures. As such, they are readily able to provide information to lower ranks on how a given character would react to a given stimulus- and if they would get themselves into such a situation in the first place.

Captain- this rank amalgamates the qualities of Master Sergeant and Second Lieutenant, with a focus on brining more disparate elements of stories and data entries into engaging prose and other media. It is more organizational and goal driven, and Captains will often suggest topics for Enlisted authors to develop.

Executive Officer Staff GAF Writers- These authors have earned their way to the executive branch by virtue of their zeal for the GAF, prowess in writing, ability to adhere to the GAF paradigm and remarkably innovative additions to the pantheon. A large creative and time commitment is required by these writers who will work on the main story lines that move the events of the present day GAGA forward, as well as fleshing out all those apocryphal references and incidents about which fans want more. These authors answer directly to the creators of the GAF and are able to work on the meat and potatoes stories the universe has to offer.

Executive Ranks:

Major- Majors are the first rank to have brought a vibrant new corner of the GAGA to life, and to have amalgamated their ideas effectively into an engaging GAF story. They are comfortable writing in the technical as well as humanist sphere and have the ability to credibly enlarge the galaxy without mucking up existing paradigms or GAGA laws and conventions. They also write extensively on fan-fiction and episodic areas of the pantheon that need expansion.

Colonel- This rank is trusted to launch its own independent novel-length adventures of Detach Detachment using existing and innovative story ideas. It is a more autonomous version of the Captain, and has a true love for the characters and versimilitude of the GAF. Their stories advance and flesh out the adventures of the characters, both personal as well as plot-driven.

General of the GAF– Reserved for the original creators of the GAF as well as those who have, by virtue of their involvement, dedication and general creative awesomeness, have made lasting contributions to the pantheon of the GAGA. The highest level of authority on all matters GAF. All submissions to be permanently posted to GAF Mainframe are edited by at least two of these Generals.

The more one writes in the GAF, the more one learns about its rich history- making it easy to start out as an enlisted GAF writer and move up to the Officer branch- and even into the executive!

Each level comes with its own proprietary logo which is bestowed upon the posts made by the authors at the GAF Mainframe, and is listed alongside their names in the upcoming, revised and updated GAF author directory.  In 2015, memorabilia and GAF Writer gear will be available for the winners of our short story prompts and for Exceptional Service to the GAF.

-Tony Stark.

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