New GAF Writing Prompt #1


GAF Mainframe would like to announce the first of its writing prompts for aspiring GAF staff writers, existing writers and general fans.

We’ve had a lot of new interest in the GAF universe lately, but with people like Anne Rice and other avaricious authors out there who frown on creative romping with characters, it’s hard for our new recruits to get started.

So here it is, our writing prompt-


You’ve seen the classic science fiction episodes of Star Trek and Doctor Who, you know the score. Take your favorite GAF character or characters and send them to a wild west planet like America II or the Deadwood asteroid. Use Patrick Lennon’s patented cloning technology to bring back Jesse James, Billy the Kid or Annie Oakley. Let your imagination run as wild as a tumbleweed in a Santa Ana and get those crossover ideas down on paper!

Minimum length is 3500 words for short stories, no maximum amount.

If you’ve only got flash fiction ideas, go for that, too- this is a very open ended challenge, designed to open up the mind to the myriad of possibilities available to the author when writing with the intrepid soldiers of Detach Detachment.

Deadline is December 12, 2014. All submissions will be posted on GAF Mainframe, along with author pictures, avatars and a brief write up.


– Tony Stark.

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