Jellicmen, or Jellymen

“Jellicmin, commonly called ‘Jellymen’, are native to the planet Jellic in the Alpha Quadrant. They had limited space travel before being encountered by the GAGA but were an enthusiastic and open member to GAGA affiliation and soon had access to space travel in exchange for the resources that the Jellicmin Continue Reading

Integrity in the Multiverse

Integrity in The Mulitverse Virginia Carraway Stark It is one of our great joys at StarkLight Press to able to invite other voices and perspectives into our worlds. It’s a hard job to write in someone else’s universe and there are certain things that are a ‘no-no’ that you might Continue Reading

Andrew Pierce

The head of the Department of First Contact (DFC), and Old Earth organization. This holdover from the days when Earth was a separate entity from the rest of the galaxy was created by a group of North American scientists prior to first contact by the Telamer. Andrew Pierce currently runs Continue Reading

Department of First Contact (DFC)

An antiquated agency, centered at Vancouver Island, Old Earth, whose original mandate from the UN has never been recalled. It was first made as an intelligence and logistics division of the CIA/NSA complex, to gather scientific data and develop tactics for coping with the sudden influx of alien cultures and Continue Reading


The Intelligence Universal Service had been originally an Old Earth invention hybridized out of the CIA and NSA as well as several old UN services. All of these had been overwhelmed by the sudden influx of cataloguable information swarming in from the newly opened galaxy. Threats to be monitored, important Continue Reading