The Intelligence Universal Service had been originally an Old Earth invention hybridized out of the CIA and NSA as well as several old UN services. All of these had been overwhelmed by the sudden influx of cataloguable information swarming in from the newly opened galaxy. Threats to be monitored, important cultural, species and planetary models to be filed, diplomatic and military theses- all these had swamped the resources of Earth’s finite-minded security agencies. Each agency sent its best and brightest to a new organization called the Exo-Intelligence Agency. Combined with several dozen of Earth’s top exo-engineers, they formed the Intelligence Universal Service- a living and adaptive intelligence service whose goal of ‘realtime intelligence solutions for a galactic sphere of influence’ were realized with extensive and shameless use of alien communication, surveillance and encryption technology. The I.U.S’s mandate superceded existing and future GAGA policies on combinatory Alien Technology and Hybridization Technology and still does today.

Shortly after the inception of the I.U.S. it became understood that it was the chief threat to anyone who opposed the agenda of the Galactic Association- an agenda based on homogeneity, market exoeconomics, and inter-species acceptance. The I.U.S. soon found itself occupied almost exclusively with keeping itself from being annihilated by every disgruntled group from space-hillbillies to ethnic Venusians to hybrid ecoterrorists. In this way the I.U.S. Fulfilled one of its cheif mandates- to reduce the plethora of galactic terrorism threats to a more manageable level.

The GAGA had, in the eighty years between the I.U.S’s inception and its achievement of ubiquitousness, become totally dependent upon this organization for the bulk of its information on threats both domestic and extra-galactic. There was no conceivable way the GAGA could stay intact without the I.U.S. as its eyes, ears and psychic senses. Without the I.U.S. Having its extensive sub rosa, draconian threat-neutering techniques, the GAGA would most likely have disintegrated into a scattered group of system empires.

The I.U.S. Is known for sending its agents into difficult and dangerous areas unbeknownst to the GAF, GAGA diplomats and even local officials. It will often attempt to neuter situations before they become a threat, or will insert itself into hot situations to effect an efficient, machiavellian solution beyond the scope of more acceptable GAGA resources.

Very little is known about the agents of the I.U.S for reasons of Galactic security. However, there are space legends about its most famous agent, Aric Drakes- a cutthroat, ruthless man who, it has been said, is able to run missions for days straight, and has a completely sociopathic understanding of resource management and threat elimination. It has been rumored his presence in El Noor helped Detach Detachment to quell the uprising there, and his relentless pursuit of Charles Brahmlie allowed GAF scientist Dr. Buxbie to isolate the proteins required for the HSD vaccine. His species has been speculated to be everything from demented Jellyman to Insectoid to Illegal Cybernetic Organism.

As there are over forty thousand GAGA citizens named Aric Drakes, many named after the stories, his identity is obscured by the length of his legend and the real I.U.S. Agent still exists in secrecy- if he ever existed at all. Much of the daily work of the I.U.S. Involves obscuring its own activities with deft campaigns of subtle social media manipulation and misinformation, and so a large counter-conspiracy has developed gainsaying the existence of Drakes, further obscuring both his identity and the historical events that the I.U.S. Shaped.

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