Department of First Contact (DFC)

An antiquated agency, centered at Vancouver Island, Old Earth, whose original mandate from the UN has never been recalled. It was first made as an intelligence and logistics division of the CIA/NSA complex, to gather scientific data and develop tactics for coping with the sudden influx of alien cultures and races which began to visit and trade with Earth. The DFC was a Canadian invention started by a group of American and Canadian scientists, doctors, astronomers and exo-biologists whose weekend speculations turned into the most accurate body of information on human /alien interaction extant.

The DFC, while largely overlooked by private GAGA companies and most of the government itself, is still a remarkably spry and potent organization with sweeping powers to detain, insert itself into other organizations and control traffic routes and quarantines. Its interest is solely in new species and their interactions with the rest of the GAGA. Most of the research on exo-immunology still comes from this organization, as well as important information on linguistics, exo-sociology and diplomacy.
Wherever first contact is suspected or occurs, the DFC will be certain to be there with a small but gifted team of scientists headed by the organization’s leader, Andrew Pierce.

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