Jellicmen, or Jellymen

Jellicmin, commonly called ‘Jellymen’, are native to the planet Jellic in the Alpha Quadrant. They had limited space travel before being encountered by the GAGA but were an enthusiastic and open member to GAGA affiliation and soon had access to space travel in exchange for the resources that the Jellicmin had to offer.

The Jellymen are unusual in that all of their muscles, tendons and ligaments are nearly completely transluscent. They are solid but considerably more pliant than the average human is accustomed to feeling flesh. Their blood gives them most of their visibility and their food is highly visible when being absorbed and digested as well. They are at home in a moist, cool environment and enjoy beds that have been designed to provide a viscous emoliant while they sleep. These beds are often called ‘clam shells’ and are often designed to mimic the shape of clams as well, although that is inconsequential to their purpose.

Jellymen are intelligent and practical and share many common traits with humans that have made them integrate especially well into the human regions of the GAGA.

They are not able to interbreed with humans or most other alien life forms but they have made several ‘mules’ with dolphins and other cetaceans. They excrete a sound that has been inaccurately compared to the purring of a cat that they use for soothing and anethetizing friends or foes. They are extremely soothing when they choose to be and can hypnotize with the beat of their pulse and the vibrations that they put out. They also excrete a substance when sexually aroused that can cause further pliancy and has been shown to have highly addictive qualities, especially in humans.”

– Virginia Carraway Stark

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