An Introduction to the GAF Universe

As the vibrant heart of StarkLight Press’ science fiction universe, the Galactic Armed Forces universe is the theatre where we put on all our amazingly creative adventure presentations. For all our new friends and fans, here is a brief overview of our flagship creative site Created in 2006, the Continue Reading

Wr-i Bullets

Wr-i Bullets (Wrought Intelligent bullets) were an early invention of Wrought Industries. The general premise was based on earlier, Niles-age wireless technology. Embedded in each slug was a micro-receiver that allowed “complete control” of the bullet’s direction along the horizontal axis, and moderate control of its vertical motion based on Continue Reading

A Word from Our President

The following is a copy of a letter sent to Galactic News Network, In Quotes magazine, CelebNow Network and other GAGA news affiliates in response to the media storm surrounding the death of the 13th Prime Minister of the Galaxy, Luis Ruiz. It was penned by his widow, Gabrielle, who Continue Reading

GAF Short Story Writing Prompt #2

In celebration of the sailing of the First British Fleet into Sydney Harbour, GAF Mainframe is proud to announce its newest short story prompt! Take your favorite GAF Characters and throw them Down Under! Have an outback adventure, or unleash the GAF’s most dastardly characters on Australia’s finest actors, artists Continue Reading


  An ‘Alteration’ is a blanket term used to describe a wide range of symptoms, illnesses and deformities that formerly would have been described as ‘mutations’. Although many planets throughout the galaxy use the phrase mutant or mutation, the term is almost unheard of in the Gamma Sector, where most Continue Reading

Halvorrsson Trie

Developed by Ivor Halvorrsson, father to biochemist Annanth Halvorrsson and CEO of Halvorrsson Industries, the Trie is a biotechnical oxygen scrubber for use in confined and polluted spaces. A more durable, outdoor version is also available, known as the Outdoor Advanced Cleaning Trie, or OAC trie. The principle is simple. Continue Reading


Easty-Westy is the homeworld of the GAF Officer Training School, or GAFOTS. It is a planet in the Telamer system in Alpha Quadrant. Easty-Westy is so named for its perpendicular magnetic field to that of earth- its magnetic pole is in the westernmost end of the planet, to use Old Continue Reading

Dukh Project

  Also known as The Spiriters, The Dukes of Doom All of the aforementioned are pop culture references to an above top secret group said to abduct and study citizens of the GAGA who are subject to extreme psi-oriented alterations to their genetic code. It has been long recognized on Continue Reading

Quetzal Ferguson

15th Prime Minister of the Galaxy, elected in 3052 with the largest majority of any Prime Ministerial victory. He is currently Prime Minister to President of the Universe, Gabrielle. Quetzal Ferguson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Old Earth, in the year 2992, to noted inventor Professor Saturnus “Scottie” Ferguson and Continue Reading

Martial Series Space Stations

Martial Series Space Stations These are the workhorse of the GAF interstellar asset sector. Martial space stations are modular in construction with universal hookups that allow component structures to be added or removed at will. Each Martial station features a series of stackable large discs, known as ‘barrels’, in which Continue Reading