Martial Series Space Stations

Martial Series Space Stations These are the workhorse of the GAF interstellar asset sector. Martial space stations are modular in construction with universal hookups that allow component structures to be added or removed at will. Each Martial station features a series of stackable large discs, known as ‘barrels’, in which at least two of the following are placed: a dynamic spaceport that allows docking and storage of up to 400 craft of varying classes; a centralized unit for quarters and marketplace/community functions; a separate GAF training simulation unit; food production and waste management unit; a mechanical/engineering unit for maintenance of not only the station but any incoming vessels as well; a defensive command unit that powers and launches the array of lazer cannons and conventional weapons that defend the Martial station.

Barrels can be stacked in threes, then joined to other stacks by a centralized corridor where docking of shuttlecraft and supply ships occurs, separate from the spaceport barrel of the craft. Martial stations can be as small as three barrels, giving these stations a stocky, cyllindrical look. The largest Martial space station ever constructed is Martial 11 in the central Gamma quadrant, where thirty seven barrels are connected in series and float at the border between Gamma and Alpha quadrants. Martial 11 is the home of the GAF Gamma quadrant anti-piracy and trade protection unit, where HyperSpace routes used by energy sector and trade craft converge and are closely monitored against space pirate and black market smuggling activity. Martial 11 is an immense, baton-like structure. Over 12500 defense ships and other craft call Martial 11 port of origin.

Martial space stations are consistent in design and function, acting as a grounding point for GAF and civilian workers throughout the galaxy.

Martial 43, the GAF system training facility servicing the planet Dalton and surrounding areas, is depicted on the cover of Dalton’s Daughter. It is a smaller station with only two barrels. It can accommodate 5000 personnel at capacity, but generally only sees about half that in throughput at any given time.

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