Week Long Encyclopaedia Galactica Blitz!

daltons daughter cover


To celebrate the release of Dalton’s Daughter in ebook and print formats, GAF Mainframe has joined forces with Encyclopaedia Galactica to provide a week-long cavalcade of entries on subjects taken from Virginia Carraway Stark’s excellent book!

Tune in here every evening to read a new EG entry featuring fascinating backstories and tidbits about the exotic world of the GAGA.

Learn about the reality of Sasha’s training destination, Easty-Westy, the GAF Officer Training planet.

Read about the secretive organization thought to be responsible for the kidnapping of Sasha’s sister, Anastasia.

Discover the intricacies of the Martial Space station where Sasha trained… and more!


Join us all week for a Dalton’s Daughter easter egg extravaganza!


– Tony Stark

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