Easty-Westy is the homeworld of the GAF Officer Training School, or GAFOTS. It is a planet in the Telamer system in Alpha Quadrant. Easty-Westy is so named for its perpendicular magnetic field to that of earth- its magnetic pole is in the westernmost end of the planet, to use Old Earth terminology.

When humans first took over the reins of the GAGA, they expanded the Galactic Armed Forces and modeled it more exactly after an earth-style military system. The sheer volume of officers the GAF needed to regain authority over the GAGA meant that an entire planet needed to be redesigned especially for this purpose. The originial military consultants used a mostly abandoned farming planet in the Telamer system that rotated along an horizontal axis- the novelty was indelibly commemorated in its name.

The entire planet is now designed to further the education, indoctrination and development of GAF Officer skills. Oceans are set up for a variety of amphibious, submarine and surface maneuvers. The variety of geographical regions on each continent are utilized for in depth officer tactical training. The grounds of each academy are groomed in immaculate fashion and set up to immortalize the different varieties of Old Earth military might. BirchBough itself is modeled after West Point training academy on Old Earth.

The two main land masses on Easty-Westy are home to twenty-three officer academies, designed to specially train officers in fields as diverse as medicine, clerical, logistics, combat, special ops and interstellar command. To encourage a sense of competitiveness and to increase solidarity in the widely dispersed GAF Officer corps, the designers of the Training School set up rivalry between the continent of Easty and Westy. Easty continent is designed to commemorate the martial cultures of the Eastern Hemisphere on Old Earth as well as those martial cultures of the GAGA whose military most closely resonates with those cultures. Westy is designed after the Western Hemisphere’s great military powers and produces some of the great. As fewer GAGA cultures had developed concurrent militaries developed after these neo-restorational models, there is less exo-cultural influence in Westy. Easty’s academies therefore are known throughout the galaxy as one of its leading exo-cultural fusion training institutions.

War games, training exercises and all manner of competitions including art and music exhibitions, Shakespearean acting festivals and cooking contests encourage both a sense of solidarity amongst the schools and friendly rivalry between the opposing continental groups. These alliances and rivalries continue into the officers’ professional careers and have given increased efficiency and drive to the officers Easty-Westy produces.

On Easty-Westy itself, several schools of high repute have developed and many GAGA citizens will join the GAF for a four year term just to get a superlative education in dentistry, exo-medicine, history, engineering or music. Amongst these schools, BirchBough Academy is held in highest regard for the particularly driven, well-rounded students it produces. Current GAF HQ General Emil Skoda is a graduate of BirchBough Academy. Detach Detachment’s Lt. Wheaton also attended the school.

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