Halvorrsson Trie

Developed by Ivor Halvorrsson, father to biochemist Annanth Halvorrsson and CEO of Halvorrsson Industries, the Trie is a biotechnical oxygen scrubber for use in confined and polluted spaces. A more durable, outdoor version is also available, known as the Outdoor Advanced Cleaning Trie, or OAC trie.

The principle is simple. Bioengineered leaf structures made from specialized cholorplasts scrub not only carbon oxides but heavy metals and trace elements out of the air, as well as removing certain radioactive beta particles. Each scrubber is connected in a series, and all are joined to a centralized hydroponic system in a pleasing configuration that mades the individual Trie unit resemble an Old Earth tree. The central circulation unit is configured often in a tall, willowy trunklike manner and is often painted like a birch or aspen tree- the scrubbing units are made in molds that mimic the leaves of the aforesaid plants. Certain models of Tries have been made to resemble climbing ivy or other vines, and Ivor Halvorrsson has added small diode lights to some Tries that are powered off of the chemical energy derived from the scrubbing cycle. The diode lights are installed on the Trie in the form of flowers and butterflies, lending a certain ephemeral beauty to each Trie.

Tries are used extensively in space station habitats, HyperDrive ships and enclosed domes throughout the GAGA. They are one of Halvorrsson Industries’ top selling products. In 3025, Ivor won the GAGA Nova award for best new invention for his Trie 1.0. In 3052, Halvorrsson won the GAGA Humanitarian Work Award for Best Bioengineered Product and was presented with his award by the President of the Universe, for whom Ivor had designed a specialized Trie in her honor, featuring blood red flowers with pink illumination and large, emerald green tropical style leaves.

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