An ‘Alteration’ is a blanket term used to describe a wide range of symptoms, illnesses and deformities that formerly would have been described as ‘mutations’. Although many planets throughout the galaxy use the phrase mutant or mutation, the term is almost unheard of in the Gamma Sector, where most of the mining in the galaxy occurs, along with the bulk of the radioactive manufacturing.

Most alterations are negative and many babies in the Gamma Sector are not carried to term or die shortly after being born. It was discovered in the 1950’s on Old Earth that these mutations were sometimes favourable and resulted in ‘special’ children. This resulted in the creation of clandestine psychic programs used by the military and later on by wealthy private citizens to harness the power of these ‘alterations’. This was harnessed into power bases to gain advantages over opponents.

The psychic programs of note evolved in Vladivostok in the country of Russia, the Kermadek Islands in New Zealand and in Rhode Island, America. These programs were headed by the military. After years of turmoil and competition, all militaries and their programs were coalesced in 2674 when Earth was ‘invaded’ by the Telamers. These aliens ordered all of Old Earth’s nations to get along if they wanted to get a hold of new technology or be released from the covert subjugation that had been occurring on earth for hundreds of years.

The Alterations from then on were monitored by the secretive Dukh Project who would act on reports of gifted children. Through silent channels, they frequently offered rewards to people with tips that panned out into an actual find for the Dukh. There is little public information regarding the Dukh to this day although their existence is steeped in urban legend and shadows.

– Virginia Carraway Stark.

For more information see Telamer invasion, 2674, Dukh Project, Green Hill, Dalton and Vladivostok

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