Wr-i Bullets

Wr-i Bullets (Wrought Intelligent bullets) were an early invention of Wrought Industries.

The general premise was based on earlier, Niles-age wireless technology. Embedded in each slug was a micro-receiver that allowed “complete control” of the bullet’s direction along the horizontal axis, and moderate control of its vertical motion based on parabolic physical principles.

Nilesian bullets were quickly taken off the market due to the wifi signal’s ability to be hacked- leading to the shooters hoisting by their own pittards, so to speak.

The concept was abandoned until Victorinus Wrought’s company devised nano-crystalline receivers. These tiny fibrous metallic compounds altered the chemical structure of metallic alloys to set up small nano- manufacturers in the solidifying ore. These nano-factories could be pre-programmed to produce a variety of effects in metallic objects as small as a .32 calibre bullet. These programs included setting up a crystalline receiver with a constantly changing signal and a direction shifting device.

The oscillations of the frequency changes were pre-programmed into control devices at the time of the compound’s construction.

Wrought devised the compounds as one of the greatest acts of industrial espionage in GAGA history.

Wr-i bullets were used in the third GAGA revolt by GAF forces to quell the resource barons who amassed private armies against the Telamer-controlled GAGA.

After selling the technology to the GAF, they then sent agents to infiltrate the munitions factories of the enemy. The bullets and artillery of the resource barons were thus poisoned against them. The GAF seized control of the artillery during a pivotal moment in battle and routed the enemy forces.

Wr-i Bullets were sold extensively to the GAF and planetary defense forces for several years following the conclusion of the war.

Eventually, however, Wrought fell victim to his own scheme. Industrial spies stole the storehouse of Wr-i bullet codes, known as the Wr-i codex. They sold the compendium of codes to the highest bidder, who used it deleterious lay against the GAF and Victorinus Wrought himself.

Wr-i bullets were ordered destroyed by the GAGA, and Victorinus was put up on charges of creation of seditious material. He was ordered to pay a twelve billion credit fine which went to a GAGA fund to assist the families of the deceased GAF soldiers.

It is rumored that Victorinus Wrought still has a storehouse of Wr-i bullets somewhere in the galaxy, with a new set of ‘Unbreakable’ signal codes. Whether he keeps them to protect his interests in the event of a final assault on his person, to seize ultimate control of the Galaxy, or as Verily Wrought mused, ‘for sentimental reasons’, no one knows.

-Tony Stark

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