Dr. Johnson-

A Glimpse into the character of Jellicman doctor, Stephen Johnson, from “Dalton’s Daughter”: At first it was just noticing that when I asked a question Stephen would answer, sounding happy and excited to share his information with me, and then I noticed that he treated Sarah as though she was Continue Reading

Aric Drakes Excerpt

Here’s the latest glimpse into the private life of IUS agent Aric Drakes: Aric was passed out in his own bed, sprawled across the mattress like a victim of an explosion. He was lost in the sleep that only comes when the journey is done. He was often awake for Continue Reading

Pvt. Bev P’olemy

Bev P’olemy is a native born Altarean who was trained in her home system to be a fierce fighter and protector of their ruling class. She joined the GAF in her early twenties, following a foray into the greater galaxy as part of her work as a junior guard to Continue Reading

Pvt. Susu Frid

Private Susu Frid is a physicist and niece to the famous astro-physicist R.T. Frid who was instrumental in helping the Gendler’s escape their galaxy that was being destroyed by a black hole. Susu joined the GAF out of a sense of keen curiosity to see the rest of the galaxy. Continue Reading

Gendlers, Race

Although Gendler’s look like blue furry puff balls with eye stalks, they have an extremely advanced society and excel especially in the sciences. They have loving family units and close bonds to each other but are fundamentally practical and will sacrifice themselves or their family members for the greater good Continue Reading

Private Puff Errington

Puff Errington is a member of Detach Detachment who hails from one of the seedier urban worlds of the Alpha Quadrant. These planets, first to be settled by humans as they expanded off of Old Earth, were poorly managed models of galactic settlement. They combined heavy industrialization with a large Continue Reading

Sergeant Wodin Whatthehel

  ¬†Wodin Whatthehell is originally from the planet of Ethos in the Logos Solar system. Wodin was politely asked to leave his planet after his love of practical jokes combined badly with his heartbreak over the loss of childhood crush to another man. Wodin refused to follow the usual path Continue Reading

Captain Verily Wrought

  Verily Wrought is the son of Victorinus Wrought, the CEO of Wrought Industries, Wrought Pharma, Wrought Resources, Natural Nutrive Food Corp and others. Raised on a private asteroid, Verily Wrought attended the prestigious Blackstone Academy where his schoolmates included Annanth Halvorrsson, Dominic Donovan and Wendell Mock. Verily Wrought joined Continue Reading