Pvt. Susu Frid

Private Susu Frid is a physicist and niece to the famous astro-physicist R.T. Frid who was instrumental in helping the Gendler’s escape their galaxy that was being destroyed by a black hole. Susu joined the GAF out of a sense of keen curiosity to see the rest of the galaxy. Her high intellect made her family extremely reluctant to join the GAF but her determination and conviction on the subject caused her to leave her family without their permission when she came of age and sign up for a five year stint in the GAF. At first she showed potential to rise in the ranks but her sense of determination caused her to be reprimanded on many occasions and she was finally sent to Detach Detachment in the hopes that her lack of restraint could be quelled by Captain Verily Wrought’s approach to military management. Susu is new to Detach Detachment and the others have a keen curiosity about her which would annoy her if her curiosity about them wasn’t stronger still. Although she has yet to really connect to the other members of DD her openness, intelligence and curiosity combined with her determination are sure to make her popular in the end.

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