Pvt. Bev P’olemy

Bev P’olemy is a native born Altarean who was trained in her home system to be a fierce fighter and protector of their ruling class. She joined the GAF in her early twenties, following a foray into the greater galaxy as part of her work as a junior guard to the Altarean Emperor.

Bev fell in love with the ideal of Galactic protection the GAF represented and sailed successfully through boot camp with highest honors. Although she was unable to afford an officer’s commission, her early showings in boot camp and on assignment had her marked for promotion to the commissioned ranks by GAF HQ.

As the realities of Galactic politics began to tarnish the luster of the GAF, Bev began to act autonomously in favor of her Altarean high ideals of justice and protection of the weak. She was reprimanded on several occasions for insubordination to C.Os and thrown in the stockade twice. Bev’s chances for advancement evaporated and she was shunted to increasingly lowly duties, kept further and further away from places where she would have the opportunity to exercise her Altarean values.

Following the attempted assasination of the Butcher of Ryla, who was then serving as a member of the Galactic Parliament, Bev P’olemy was sent to Detach Detachment for permanent duty. She has distinguished herself in her new assignment through valor in heavy combat as well as by selflessly protecting the individuals in her charge. Her current assignment in Arkello may prove to be Bev P’olemy’s most challenging yet, as the players in the Arkellan War are some of the most morally ambiguous in the galaxy.

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