Alien Artifact Stories are Here!


At long last, our alien artifact short story prompt brings its tales to GAF Mainframe! The GAF universe is an immense place, where all kinds of unusual, powerful and mysterious creations can fall into the hands of our favorite characters.

We begin with a tale from Van Fleming, who writes about the IUS (Intelligence Universal Service) Agent Aric Drakes and his unwitting discovery of new alien armor:

Next left, second right, fourth security door. Aric Drakes placed his little black box over the security device and let the nano-tech interface with the system. As far as security logs would be concerned, door R-321 never opened, nobody had popped an electro magnetic pulse grenade between two highly illegal cyborg guards and stolen a biological device of previously unknown origins from a think tank who wanted to be the next galactic mega corporation. Nope, never happened. But those big guys would have a massive headache once their systems rebooted.

His black box vibrated, as the door slid open. He dropped it back in it’s pouch on his equipment harness. He entered the room and stopped cold. In front of him was a test station with a casket marked B-U-7835. To it’s left stood the largest Debrolian Aric had ever seen wearing the oddest looking armor he had ever seen.

He ran straight for the casket, his focused sound pulse pistol appearing in his hand as if by magic. He fired three shots into the large creatures chest. He heard what sounded like a hissing in his head as the Debrolian took an involuntary step back. Then it exploded into motion, his beefy arm swinging to catch Aric in the chest just as he got hold of the casket. The blow smashed ribs and sent him reeling into the wall of the deep space asteroid research facility his time had come and his only regret was that he wouldn’t get to see Scarlett next week. He barely felt it when the casket smashed into the wall just before his body hit and slid to the floor.

Drakes entire body screamed it’s torturous pain to his brain as the creature approached to finish him off. It leaned over, it’s small beady eyes nearly lost in it’s massive face searched for signs of life.

Well, finish it already!” Aric gasped out through gritted teeth. The Debrolian lifted it’s massively muscled arm and began the final moment of his death “Good bye cruel galaxy.” he whispered as the Gargantuan pile driver began it’s acceleration. Just as the fist reached him, Aric felt something envelop him. He could feel his bones snap back into place as the asteroid sized fist deflected off of his chest. He screamed in agony as his body healed itself. His scream still echoed as he threw himself to his feet, his smashed gun still gripped in his hand. The large guard kicked him, but he felt nothing but a slight pressure.

Aric grabbed the offending foot and twisted, knowing it was useless. His body was on auto pilot from all of the hand to hand drills. Surprisingly, the beefy creature spun in the air and fell on his face.

The alien rolled gracefully to it’s feet. “You make big mistake taking suit human. Now you stuck like me. Better you had died.”

What do you mean?” he asked.

The suit no come off, and door throw you back if you get too close while wearing suit.”

What suit?” Aric asked, before seeing his reflection in the shiny surface of the computer terminal. He was cover by a goo, it’s shape adapting to his form. Chitinous plates had begun forming over his chest as his head was covered by what felt to be a soft putty.

Aric tried pulling it off, but it only snapped back into place. He reached for his black box so he could hack the terminal, but it too had smashed in the fight.

Ok, so I can’t hack the field, and I can’t remove this goo. What have you tried to do to get out?”

Uh, the door throw me across the room, no other way out. Doctor say guard room and guard canister, he remove suit and let me out.” The large creature sagged it’s mountainous shoulders. “Now I never leave.”

Drakes looked around the room. The Debrolian wasn’t smart enough to work the problem through. The door wasn’t an option, but the floor couldn’t be shielded.

What’s your name?”

I is Bob.”

Well, Bob, I need you to smash a hole through the floor.”

The creature stood thinking for a moment before it’s face lit up. “Good idea!”

Aric watched as Bob’s fists made short work of the floor, making a hole the two could easily pass through.

Ok, now let me see if I can get the memory out of this terminal.” He reached for the access panel, trying to pry it off. Instead it crumpled in his grip. “That didn’t work.” He then grabbed the area of the terminal where the memory core was stored and ripped it all out.

Done” Bob said.

Foolow me then, I’ll get us out of here” Aric Drakes dropped through the hole and set off as alarms began blaring throughout the compound. They ran down one corridor after another. The two ran into a docking bay full of guards preparing to board a shuttle.

Looks like our way out.” he said and charged into the middle of the waiting troops. Gun shots bounced off his armor and his vision turned red.

When he regained his senses he stood in the middle of a bloody mess. Bob pulled him onto the shuttle and Aric sealed the door behind them.

Take us to Torven station, now!” Aric yelled. He’d have a hell of a time explaining this to HQ.


Thanks, Van, for your gripping excerpt! Tune in soon for your next alien artifact story from GAF Mainframe.



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