Frizzallians, Race

Frizzallians are a rare species who are dispersed through the GAGA sporadically having destroyed their own planet. They are a doomed species having had spawning grounds on their planet that were required for breeding. They are extraordinarily long lived, assuming they aren’t killed by their hubris they may live 800 Continue Reading

Susu Frid’s Egyptian Asteroid

In this latest submission to our short story contest for GAF Mainframe, we see a behind-the-scenes snippet of Susu Frid and Private Puff’s adventures on Arkello 2. This story takes place in the middle of the action-packed events chronicled in The Arkellan Treaty, available later this year from StarkLight Press. Continue Reading

Space Stranded: Coming Soon!

Look for this latest novel in the GAF Mainframe universe, coming late 2016! Captain Wrought, his first Lieutenant and a crew of intrepid (and dysfunctional) Detach Detachment members crash land on a rogue asteroid, desolate save for a forest of eeirie, multicolored fungi. As tensions rise and crew members are Continue Reading