Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Gravity and the GAF Universe

In the GAGA, artificial gravity is used both on planets and asteroids and on transportation craft. Without the induction of gravity, the reach of the GAGA would be drastically shortened. Thousands of planets and stations that provide life to billions of citizens would not be able to exist.  Many chief resource sources come from asteroids and worlds that lack proper gravity fields to support the human workers who provide the raw materials.


The GAGA uses old fashioned mechanical methods for roughly 70% of its gravity production on deep space and localized orbit stations. Most artificial gravitic generators are derived from rotation of proprietary space stations and modules on ships (Arthur C. Clarke had a good idea).


The experience of gravity is rather an experience of centripetal inertia, a related but incomplete gravitic experience. True gravity, as experienced on Old Earth, has an electro-magnetic and electro-chemical quality that all organisms created in such an environment require for completion of biological processes.


Centripetally created gravity lacks these EMEC qualities (a term coined by the GAGA Department of Bio-organism Hygiene) and gravity-requisite organisms will suffer health effects from prolonged denial of the complete gravitic experience.

These health effects include loss of cognitive function, particularly memory and higher critical thinking skills including increased suggestibility; poor digestion and dialysis and a resultant buildup of toxins leading to malaise, fibromyalgia, neuropathies, weight gain etc; cardiovascular stress (a result of the electrical hemolysis of the heart having to strain itself without being able to rely on gravity to manipulate the iron in the blood cells); lack of muscle development and maintenance and skeletal wasting (as the minerals needed for proper bone maintenance are literally eroded away without proper EMEC sustenance).

Workers and citizens of stations were subjected to a variety of electro-magnetic and electro-chemical treatments to reproduce the basic effects of planetary gravity.


Bombardment with high frequency radiations and advanced organo-chemical supplements were the norm until the GAGA encountered alien races who shared their own methods of complete spectrum gravity generation. Now, most stations are supplemented with AGG (Alien Gravity Generation) technology in addition to rotational gravity generation. New stations include rotational generation capability in case of emergency but mroe of the latest GAGA and GAF stations have AGG technology as primary gravity generators, now that the energy consumption curve of the alien technology has been lowered. The GAGA also uses alien technology for gravity field generation on planets with inappropriate gravity to use ratios, where the still exorbitant energy cost of AGG use warrants it.

On planets whose primary functions do not fit the energy consumption curve guidelines, the GAGA uses induced gravity, a form of blanketed electromagnetic waves that induce the primary effects of gravity (ie: stuff sticking where you left it). This produces a strangely heavy feel to the human corpus and mentality, and results in the increased aggression, criminal activity and psychological abberation. Prescription of stimulants, anti-depressants and mood-correcting drugs in the primarily working-class populaces that live with induced gravity is a statistical certainty.


The same constellation of health effects can result with induced gravity as with rotational gravity, depending on the metal balances of the globes involved and the gravity-dependence of the populace.

The GAGA also applies mechanical methods of rotational gravity to its short hop transport ships who travel without hyperspace engines.

Hyperspace prohibits the effectiveness of rotational gravitic generation, as it produces a localized time dilation effect that is independent of outdated relativistic theory. On hyperspace-equipped craft, the coarse perception of gravity perceived by organic objects, both cognizant and inanimate, is derived by an effect of energy signature inertial stability of the objects themselves.  The hyperspace ship is transported across distance in the same instant it entered the hyperspatial plane, and as such becomes an effective snapshot of itself for the duration of its travel.


It carries along with it the imprint of the scenario it left behind when it exited material space and entered a purely energetic form of existence. As such, all the energy forms continue in the same states of manifestation as when they had atoms to project themselves upon. In this way, hyperspace ships do not create artificial gravity so much as they remember it, and are an unique example of creative ways of reproducing gravity as a force of organizational control.

Verily Wrought has sponsored a variety of studies through his WoGo Initiative (Wrought Organization of Geophysical Optimization) that have further investigated the effects of the GAGA’s different varieties of gravity, and the WoGo has provided health supplements and gravitic generators at cost for worlds who wish to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. The WoGo has received much opposition from both Brahmlie Pharma and Wrought Meds Inc- the Galaxy’s leading health supplement and psychopharmaceutical manufacturers. Treating the effects of gravity deficiency is Big Business, and raising awareness about the necessity of “Vitamin G” meets with a rash of gainsaying pedants and economic-legal wrangling.

Gravity is a deep well indeed, whose palpable effects are but a sliver of its actual abilities.


Like all deep wells, it has been capitalized upon in ways that far outreach its basic effectiveness to the economic benefit of corporations and GAGA coffers.

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