Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Brahmlie Pharma Corp.

brahmlie pharma


Brahmlie Pharma Corp. is a multi-system corporation that produces psychopharmaceutical drugs, nutritional supplements and health and wellness products for many varied GAGA markets. It is the single largest seller of high-end vitamin and nutritional supplements in the GAGA, and the second largest pharmaceutical company. Brahmlie Pharma Corp. has its headquarters on Zealand VIII in Beta Quadrant. Zealand VIII was the galaxy’s largest producer of pharmaceutical and medical drugs before the HSD epidemic.

The Brahmlie Pharma Corp’s stocks plummeted during the aforementioned epidemic that swept through the Galaxy several years previously. Though the CEO, Charles Brahmlie, attempted to keep the fact that Zealand VIII had become a pandemic planet from investors, but the use of tainted IVs from Brahmlie Pharma revealed the truth.  Brahmlie Pharma was temporarily bankrupted and retreated to Quadrant Coporation status to avoid lawsuits and creditors.  Less than two years later, Charles Brahmlie was again the owner of the largest drug company in the Galaxy when he unveiled the perfected HSD vaccine based on a prototype developed by Dr. Christopher Buxbie.

Brahmlie Pharma has since developed a thriving production facility on the largest continent of Zealand V, and has turned its operations on Zealand VIII into the galaxy’s largest producer of HSD hemoglobin nutritional supplements and GAGA approved organic foods.

Brahmlie Pharma’s chief competitor in the organic food and general health supplement field is Wrought Industries, whose gross profit in such markets peaks out at 19.3 billion credits/annum, less than half of Brahmlie Pharma’s market share post HSD.



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