Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Andrew Pierce

The head of the Department of First Contact (DFC), and Old Earth organization. This holdover from the days when Earth was a separate entity from the rest of the galaxy was created by a group of North American scientists prior to first contact by the Telamer. Andrew Pierce currently runs the organization with a quiet and unassuming dedication to predicting with uncanny accuracy when and where the next GAGA contacts with alien races will occur. Pierce uses the resources of the DFC to map the galaxy with an eye not toward resource utilization but towards the exo-bestiary. He also quietly and deftly utilizes the remarkable sweeping powers of this organization to augment theeffectiveness of his scientists in first contact situations without drawing attention to the fact the DFC is one of the only groups with the power to quarantine even GAGA Parliament Planet or GAF HQ.

Andrew Pierce’s sometimes ruthless tactical decisions have always proven beneficial to the GAGA, its economic interests and its citizens as well as ultimately serving to amalgamate new species into the galactic melange. As a result, the GAGA has allowed the DFC, and Pierce as its head, to continue its quiet but effective operations to this day. A master of subtlety, Pierce is able to insert his teams of investigators into any of the GAGA organizations that issue identification, a tactic he uses to obscure their presence in active zones. Pierce has a son, Blake, who is also an agent at the Department of First Contact, though it is rarely known the two are related during active missions. Only a certain antagonism between the two gives away their kinship.

A Canadian citizen, Pierce started out life as a surgeon who was conscripted by the GAGA to a mobile hospital unit during the second Korung conflict in the Gamma quadrant. Having distinguished himself in the trenches of the surgical unit as a dedicated and quick-witted scientist and experimentor, he was referred to the DFC by the Canadian government to advance its knowledge of the hybrid species the Korung. A quiet and insatiable scholar, Pierce never left the DFC but stayed in its ranks, developing first contact protcols and eventually heading his own teams of scientists.

Upon the death its previous chief, the scientists at the DFC nominated Pierce as its new head. Pierce has been working since to expand the laboratories, libraries and databanks of the DFC by quietly soliciting donations, government funding and selling patent-portions belonging to the DFC judiciously.

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