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Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Quetzal Ferguson

A candid photograph taken by In Quotes Magazine for their article of Sept. 3058
A candid photograph taken by In Quotes Magazine for their article of Sept. 3058

15th Prime Minister of the Galaxy, elected in 3052 with the largest majority of any Prime Ministerial victory. He is currently Prime Minister to President of the Universe, Gabrielle.

Quetzal Ferguson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Old Earth, in the year 2992, to noted inventor Professor Saturnus “Scottie” Ferguson and Dr. Jean O’Neill, a reknowned archaeologist. An only child of extremely intellectual parents with a large age discrepancy between them, Quetzal was raised in a “bohemian cavalcade of independent indifference”, to quote from his first autobiographical memoir. Raised alternately in the cold drizzle of Scotland’s far north and tropical dig sites in Mexico and Central America, he was a solitary child who rarely attended formal schooling. He instead gleaned knowledge from his parents and read voraciously, challenging the Scottish O level exams at age 14 and obtaining entry to the University of Edinburgh later that year.

He spent the next six years gleaning a joint degree from Edinburgh and Mexico’s Totleotl Universidad in between travels with and without his parents. Quetzal was missing and presumed dead for a period of 18 months when he walked into the jungle and disappeared. His mother Dr. O’Neill was investigating the location of a lost temple to his namesake at the time. Quetzal returned a year and a half later, having located the temple and the remains of a great city that surrounded it. Dr. O’Neill still excavates at this site today. Quetzal wrote a stirring, fictionalized account of his discovery of the temple that displayed such an intricate understanding of the functioning of ancient Mayan civilization that the Universidad bestowed him with a Master’s Degree in Archaeology.

Professor Ferguson encouraged Quetzal to return to Scotland for his 24th birthday following his discovery in the jungle. The younger Ferguson took his aged father’s advice and returned to the Professor’s laboratories in Edinburgh. He followed his father’s guidance again and applied for the Law School at Edinburgh, where three years later, he obtained his legal degree in 3016. The elder Ferguson died in December of that year.

Quetzal became a legal advisor to the United Nations of Earth, specializing in cultural sensitivity issues, the rule of law as applied in a greater galactic temporal context and freedom of speech legislation. He spent much of his time at the Hague in Brussels and Westminster in England, explaining legal precedent and applying it to the dynamic world of Old Earth intergalactic law.

In 3029, Quetzal Ferguson was asked to join his first GAGA panel as advisor for Human Legal Precedent- a coveted position, as all GAGA policy had purposefully evolved over the past 350 years to reflect more of Old Earth’s living, dynamic legal values. Although it was merely an advisory position, it nevertheless held a great deal of power; Quetzal was now largely the final word on the application of GAGA law. Dignitaries from planets all over the GAGA frequently contacted him personally to ask his advice in the shaping of local laws and charters.

His position of import with the GAGA legal commission circuit was augmented by the powerful personality behind his brilliant legal mind. Self-effacing humor and a plain, folkish way of speech allowed even the most rudimentary of intellects in the GAGA to comprehend not just the law, but the reasons behind the law. Quetzal filmed a series of documentaries about “The Laws of the GAGA”, where he travelled across the galaxy meeting current lawmakers and leaders as well as giving brilliant historical expositions into the figures that formed precedent. Many episodes of his documentaries are still used for teaching in GAGA courses.

In 3051, it was announced that Quetzal Ferguson intended to run for Prime Minister of the Galaxy, following “One Week Messer’s” short tenure in the office. Thoroughly endorsed by both the Telamer and the President of the Universe, Gabrielle, Ferguson was elected and swore his oath of office in 3052. Due to the overwhelming majority that elected him and the unrest preceding, it was also voted on the same ballot to allow the winner of the election to serve a special extended term that rectified elections back to mid-decade. This amendment to the Galactic Constitution also passed with a vast majority.

Quetzal Ferguson is currently six years into his first, extended term of office, and will be briefly Acting President of the Universe in 3060 when Gabrielle must set aside her Presidential powers in order to run for re-election.

Quetzal Ferguson is divorced and has one daughter, Marisol Ferguson, who is a marine biologist.

– Tony Stark.

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