Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Announcing a new GAF Flash Fiction Contest!


This Prompt is : ALIEN ARTEFACTS

This prompt centers around the finding of an alien artefact in space. It could be something as small as an alien pen or as large as a space cruiser. Write between 500-3000 words about the events surrounding it- using any of the GAF Characters in our Encyclopedia Galactica. As with all our writing activities, you can add your own characters into the mix as well!

Any part of the GAGA is your setting, from the depths of HyperSpace to the luxurious celebrity colony on Brandenburg to the wilds of the Gamma Quadrant. Use your imagination and write a mash up of alien and GAGA worlds!

Does the artefact catch the attention of the IUS, the GAGA’s sinister exotechnology intelligence sector? Does Donovan Aeronautics make a prototype flyer out of it? Does it take the holos by storm and instigate a new fad that makes new millionaires? You tell us!


All entries will be posted here on GAF Mainframe, where you can chat about the stories with other GAF fans!

One of the stories will be picked for inclusion in the second volume of GAF short stories- Tales from Space!

Deadline is December 1, 2015.

– J. Stuart and Tony Stark

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