Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Captain Verily Wrought

Captain Wrought, Verily


Verily Wrought is the son of Victorinus Wrought, the CEO of Wrought Industries, Wrought Pharma, Wrought Resources, Natural Nutrive Food Corp and others.

Raised on a private asteroid, Verily Wrought attended the prestigious Blackstone Academy where his schoolmates included Annanth Halvorrsson, Dominic Donovan and Wendell Mock.

Verily Wrought joined the GAFF following an extensive pan-galactic humanitarian crusade where he worked closely with the GAGA Human Rights Federation, the Roman Catholic Church, the Halvorrsson Foundation among others to bring basic self-determinism in terms of resources, education and economy to planets throughout the GAGA.

Following a court martial shortly after his sign up with the GAFF, Wrought was transferred to Detach Detachment. Since that time he has earned professional acclaim and fame with the Detachment for striking peace accords with the Space Communist Colonies and the Gendlers; for heroic commanding of the victorious GAFF forces in the Damascus Cluster conflict of 07; for numerous peace keeping missions including quelling the sector wide civil war on Rio Caldo and averting galaxy wide pandemic of the HSD virus by spearheading the procurement of a viable vaccine.

Verily Wrought is the galaxy’s second richest man, and its richest bachelor. He has re-upped with the Galactic Armed Federation Forces for another three year term, provided he can remain in command of Detach Detachment.

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