Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Sergeant Wodin Whatthehel



 Wodin Whatthehell is originally from the planet of Ethos in the Logos Solar system. Wodin was politely asked to leave his planet after his love of practical jokes combined badly with his heartbreak over the loss of childhood crush to another man. Wodin refused to follow the usual path of those headstrong youths who were asked to leave or at least encouraged to go elsewhere for being too headstrong for the good of Ethos. Most of those who left went to the asteroid of Pathos that had been inserted into the Logos solar system by the GAGA in order to create a mega shopping center for the super wealthy. The headstrong youths would generally get employment as store clerks until they calmed down enough to buy their way back into the pastoral near-utopia of Ethos. Instead of doing that, Wodin went immediately to the planet of Stingray City and began a career as a confidence man. He made a lot of money and went to the asteroid of Pathos at long last where his cataclysmic practical joke caused many casualties in the upscale shopping asteroid. He was given the choice of immediate imprisonment to be followed by a slow trial and then more imprisonment or enlistment in the Galactic Armed Forces. Wodin opted to join the GAF and used some of his savings to buy in as a Staff Sergeant. He could have afforded a higher rank but did not want to burden himself with more responsibility. He was immediately placed in Detach Detachment as further punishment for his shenanigans. He stayed in DD for several years enduring the chaos and contributing to it with increasingly cruel and pithy ‘gags’ on his fellow recruits. He reformed after Captain Verily joined DD and now uses his power of practical joking to relieve boredom and only for revenge against people not in DD for the most part. He is often deployed to the Logos system as one of the few people who are permitted relatively unencumbered access to the planet of Ethos.

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