Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Private Puff Errington


Puff Errington is a member of Detach Detachment who hails from one of the seedier urban worlds of the Alpha Quadrant. These planets, first to be settled by humans as they expanded off of Old Earth, were poorly managed models of galactic settlement. They combined heavy industrialization with a large population which quickly led to poor living and education conditions. As more and more settlers travelled further into the Galaxy, these first colonies were largely abandoned to themselves. Although it is possible for inhabitants to leave these planets, economic constraints and strict legalities make it difficult.

Puff was born into a highly urabnized sprawl where she was raised the daughter of two factory workers. She attended the Automated Schooling Kiosks in their local community center, where she quickly realized she was being monitored by the planetary government. Determined to slip from the watchful eye of the surveillance, Puff removed herself to a larger and larger degree, adopting anti-surveillance makeup, clothing and hairstyles to make it possible to be incognitio.

Dedicated to the ideas of privacy and a non-quantifiable existence, Puff disappeared off the radar and into the underground subculture of her planet. She became a hacker and a petty thief; shortly thereafter she was aprehended by planetary authorities. Puff was given the option of jail time or the GAF- she joined the GAF for a lifetime stint.

Her iconoclasm clashed with the military organization of the GAF and she was sent to Detach Detachment.

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