Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Gendlers, Race

Although Gendler’s look like blue furry puff balls with eye stalks, they have an extremely advanced society and excel especially in the sciences. They have loving family units and close bonds to each other but are fundamentally practical and will sacrifice themselves or their family members for the greater good despite their deep love. When the Gendlers discovered that their entire galaxy was being destroyed by a massive black hole that was spewing massive amounts of radiation out, they determined that they had to escape their galaxy quickly if their species was to survive intact. The younger generations of Gendlers were not as intelligent as their parents due to this radiation exposure and more and more Gendlers were also becoming sterile. The Gendlers had developed Galaxy Class Starships that could transport colonists but they were lacking the resources to take everyone so only the best specimens were being chosen to colonize Gendler’s Landing. The result of this was hundreds of thousands of orphans left behind with little hope of ever seeing their parents who had left them behind so that they could continue the species away from the deadly radiation. It was one of these orphans, Esser Essen who discovered that the black hole wasn’t just spewing radiation, it was also spewing lithium. Lithium was an essential component to the Galaxy Class Starships hyperdrive systems and the main thing preventing a larger exodus. As a rsesult Esser was re-united with his parents on Gendler’s landing as were the many of other orphans as well. Leaving the Gendler Galaxy was only the first phase of their colonization and it soon became apparent that Esser’s discovery of the extra lithium was only one of their colonization problems.
Gendlers come from a galaxy that lacked the element of calcium. As a result of this when they migrated to the GAF galaxy and attempted to colonize these cartilaginous intelligent beings began to suffer from calcification that would gradually turn them into immobile statues. Fortunately the problem was discovered and a rapid chelation method was made. This was patented into a daily pill to de-calcify themselves. All Gendlers are dependent on these pills or they will suffer pain and become less and less mobile within months, weeks, or even days in a few rare cases, depending on the Gendler’s surroundings, diet and metabolism. It later was discovered that the Gendler’s bright blue color was in no small part influenced by the elements they consumed. This led to fashionable supplements that not only de-calcified but also added extra elements to turn the Gendlers into a range of hues. These hues are temporary and they go back to the characteristic blue if they stop taking them. he Gendlers ‘discovered’ the planet that they named ‘Gendler’s Landing’. Shortly afterwards the GAF discovered the Gendler ‘invasion’ and negotiations were made to allow them to move permanently into the GAF and were officially sold the planet in exchange for some of the advanced technology that the Gendlers possessed but the GAF did not. The GAF also worked intensely with the Gendler’s to save them from their calcification syndrome and through this the Gendler’s developed a good working relationship with the GAF.

– Virginia Carraway.

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