Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Space Saver Pods

shipping container

Space Saver Pods are a widely used method of storage for the mobile, communal-living GAGA citizenry. In the GAGA, many individuals live a nomadic existence, travelling from contract to contract or planet to planet, living in cramped or transient circumstances while they work. Space Saver Pods have been developed to allow the efficient transport of a wide amount of personal possessions that would not normally be possible given the high cost of HyperDrive shipping.

A Space Saver Pod is a small interdimensional vortex generator that holds a large, concrete object in hyperdimensional space- in this case, a storage unit. Space Saver Podlets, each the size of a 20′ shipping container on Old Earth, are attached to these engines and used by GAGA citizens to hold their personal possessions, homes, collections of fandom, priceless artifacts etc. The Niles Generator that powers the interdimensional vortex pops the container into an orthogonally distinct space from GAGA reality- leaving only the generator, which is the size of a box of kleenix.

In this way, the capitalistic tendencies of the GAGA free market overcome the bottleneck of lack of personal space for the possessions of those who have the money to buy them. It also allows GAGA citizens much needed privacy and stability in a Galaxy that can support life and work throughout its depth and breadth. Some individuals choose to make up a small living quarters in their Space Saver Pod and rent space on a station or transport to expand their Pod and live comfortably; others choose to feed their fandoms with staggering collections of merchandise and memorabilia. Others use Space Saver Pods to transport rare and expensive items; others use it for contraband of all kinds.

The affordable Niles Generator is purchasable in vortex sizes that will permute either one or two 20′ container pods. Any larger size of vortex generator using Niles technology has been yellow-tagged by the GAGA SAC (Scientific Advisory Committee) due to its deliterious effects. There is no limit to the amount of Niles generators of the approved size an individual can own- other than the cost. Many GAF soldiers and other migrant workers possess several Space Saver Pods to better organize their collections and their homewares. Nearly every member of Detach Detachment has at least one.

Space Saver Pods have been deemed a Searchable Article by intergalactic transport regulation 1.1a-30956/7. As such, any time an individual who is not with the GAF exits HyperSpace around a planet in another trade region, their Space Saver Pod is thoroughly inspected by GAGA customs agents.

Space Saver Pods were invented by the creator of the Niles Engine, Dr. Geoffrey Niles. The Niles interdimensional vortex engine was an early faster-than-light transport method created in the early days of Telamer/Earth contact. Dr. Niles was in the employ of the Goodfrey Corporation, an early and definitive pan-Earth conglomerate. Niles’ Engine had disatrous effects on ships’ crews and led to its discontinuance and the outlaw of its technology within ten years of its inaugural use.

Russian Federation ships used a very similar drive to the Niles drive in their HyperMarine ships before the Russians joined the Earth government at the request of the Telamer. The Russian space fleet managed to minimize many of the more severe effects of the Niles Engine by adjusting the size and refraction of the interdimensional vortex.. These equations, called the Borodin progression slide rule, were created by an early Russian Space Fleet physicist and officer, Captain Vasily Borodin; they allowed the Russian fleet to travel further afield than any human-designed craft had heretofore ventured.

Following the Pan-Earth moratorium on Niles Engine transport craft, the Goodfrey Corporation took the patent and minimized the engine, using it to develop Space Saver Pods. The idea for this innovation is credited to Anore Troy, at the time Vice President of Off-Earth Operations under Goodfrey himself.

Following the dissolution of the Weston Corporation at the end of the Second Great Corporation War, the patents from the Corporations were handed over to the GAGA. The GAGA gave the cpatents to three separate companies- Donovan Aero’s Space Saver Pod design proved the most economical. Donovan’s Ikea-esque add ons to the Space Saver Pods and its fabulous ad campaign cemented the Pods firmly within Donovan Aero’s family of products. Collecting the latest Donovan upgrades and style designs for one’s Space Saver Pod is now nearly as addictive a collection as other forms of mass media and historical collection.

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