Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Space Stranded: Coming Soon!

Look for this latest novel in the GAF Mainframe universe, coming late 2016!

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Captain Wrought, his first Lieutenant and a crew of intrepid (and dysfunctional) Detach Detachment members crash land on a rogue asteroid, desolate save for a forest of eeirie, multicolored fungi. As tensions rise and crew members are suddenly overcome by a strange, searing pain, Verily Wrought must try to find a way off of the asteroid and back into space before the strange electromagnetic field on the planet induces the destruction of their shuttle. Trying to keep a preternatural aggravation at bay amongst his soldiers is trouble enough- but when they start passing through walls and blinking out of existence, Wrought realizes there is more to the planet’s mysterious life forms than meets the eye…

This collaborative novel is written by Tony Stark, Virginia Carraway Stark, Jenn Spaulding and Sharon Flood, each taking a beloved GAF character and bringing them to vibrant life in this latest, classic science fiction adventure!


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