Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Lieutenant Wheaton, Sasha



Sasha Wheaton was a fourth generation native of Dalton, a Second Tier resource planet in the Gamma Sector of the GAGA.

Lt. Wheaton joined the Galactic Armed Forces at the age of seventeen, signing up at the Dalton Divide Station.

Following an unremarkable series of postings, Lt. Wheaton was transferred to Detach Detachment as second Lieutenant. She has since garnered notoriety as a possible love interest for the GAF’s most famous commanding officer, Verily Wrought, currently head of Detach Detachment.

A gifted artist, Sasha Wheaton’s artwork is also on display on Rio Caldo at the Empire Halmark Hotel.  It is displayed at the art gallery on Dalton Divide Station. Her works are owned by such notable figures as Howard Donovan, Annanth Halvorrsson, and pop icon Dominic Donovan, as well as by President of the Universe Gabrielle Rosa.

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