Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

GAF Mainframe Timeline

2000- Technology starts to accelerate at unprecedented rates

2001- 9/11 changes the course of the future

2010- Yet more technological breakthroughs and more draconian rules are passed

2020- Anore’s Mother dies and she enters the GAF world. First Colony forms are Mars and the Moon from private corporations. 3-D printing allows for huge advances without endangering human colonists

2021- First driverless cars. Anore graduates from high school and enrolls in GIF (Goodfrey Information Foundation) after winning a scholarship.

2022- New technology is released at completely unprecedented rates. Towards the end of the year the Maitre reveal their presence and demand the complete servitude of all humans.

2023- The Maitre invade earth, huge devastation ensues.

2031- A diplomatic mission to earth on behalf of the GAGA offers to put Earth under its umbrella of its protection. Earth becomes a member of the GAGA and the Maitre are driven out.

2032- Members of the GIF Institute are selected for early diplomatic missions and first meet the Telamer. The Telamer love the humans and start showering them with GAGA technology. They ask for companionship from humans in exchange for this technology.

2033- Goodfrey the Third dies and is succeeded by Goodfrey the Fourth who takes a different approach to the GIF institute. Anore is still a member of GIF and is adopted by Goodfrey the fourth as his daughter and heir along with Nick.

2036 The Telamer announce that they will soon become extinct and want to spend the twilight of their years training humanity to take their place as the center of the GAGA. With great power comes greater technology. Humans begin to colonize in earnest.

2046- Earthlings have set foot on over 200 planets and have relatively self-sustaining colonies on 30.

2060- Billionaire Burt Bradenberg establishes the planet of Brandenburg as the heart of pop culture and wealth. Holographic technology becomes all prevalent as alien musicians and new sounds flood the galaxy

2070- Corporations begin to massively proliferate the Galaxy and purchase planets for purely resource reasons.

2180- Old Earth is considered completely restored. “Freedom Festival” celebrations begin for the first time across the planet.

2310-The First Great Corporate War. War between the corporations breaks out as the corporations begin to lay claim to more and more ethereal concepts and cease to respect purchasing rights. Slavery and anarchy abound.

2750-The End of The First Corporate Wars. Ended by the Telamer put their feet down. The humans put in a ‘democratic’ forum as a response and the GAGA Parliament, President and Prime Minister were introduced.

2850- Donovan Jump Drive and other products destabilizes the current technology and things build up more tension again.

2890-The Second Corporate Wars (More sedate and ‘cold war’ adjacent’)

2920-The End of the Second Corporate Wars (Sentient aliens called human corporations out on their shenanigans and demanded an end to the corporate stranglehold on the galaxy)

2925- Wrought, Halvorrsson and Donovan are the three main corporations left in the Galaxy. About 300 years followed of relative stability and peace as the three corporations dug their collective claws into the Galaxy and took over nearly everything. Media became the main form of controlling the masses along with inundation and monopolization of product.

2928- Bill 9323 passes the GAGA. Public figures whose assets exceed 1 quadrillion credits have the right to have their personal files sealed and readable only by GAGA high courts. Thus, any civil or criminal cases against these individuals must go through GAGA High Court. Thus, nobody knows the birth dates of Victorinous (and Anore) Wrought, Ivor Halverrsson or Howard Donovan

3180-Nanotechnology Invasion: Scientists developed nanotechnology that got away from them and escaped across the Galaxy. The result was a permanent injunction against developing nanotechnology. It took decades to track down and destroy the nanotechnology that escaped.

Modern Events:

3311- Verily Wrought is born

3310- Dom Donovan and Ananth Halvorrsson were born

3317- Verily is sent to Blue Stone Academy

3319- Anore Wrought Dies

3321- Sasha is born

3325- Verily leaves Blue Stone Academy and starts his own company ‘Verily Wrought Industries’ in defiance of his father’s wishes for him to start taking over Wrought Industries

3326- Verily returns to Blue Stone Academy.

3335- Gabrielle is elected President of the Galaxy

3338-Sasha joins the GAF Dalton’s Daughter, GAF Novel.

3340- Quetzal Ferguson is elected for the first time as Prime Minister of the Galaxy

3341-Sasha is sent to DD Detached Daughter, GAF Novel.

3343-Verily joins the GAF

-The Great Space Race

3345- Verily joins DD

-Gabrielle is re-elected as President of the Galaxy

3346- Gendlers are ‘discovered’ Gendlers’ Landing, GAF Novel.

3347- HSD Epidemic. Broken Quarantine, GAF Novel.

3348- Humans have colonized almost all four quadrants of the galaxy and have come to conflict with the neigboring galaxy of El Noor. An Incident in El Noor, GAF Novel.

3349- Verily Wrought’s Jungle Adventure, GAF Novel.

3350- Quetzal re-elected

3352- Space Stranded! GAF Novel.

3553-The present day. The Arkellan Treaty

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