Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Private Petunia “Pet” Mc Grady

new zealand1.jpeg

Private Petunia McGrady

Age: 24

Race/Species: Vaguely Irish descent

Nickname: Pet

Appearance: A little on the short side she is sensitive about her height. She has hazel eyes and blonde hair.

Originally from New Zealand, Old Earth. She joined the GAF five years ago and has signed on for a second ten year tenure feeling that Detach Detachment is her true home. She comes from money but she’s not snobby and you would never guess that her parents were wealthy. She ran away and joined the GAF as soon as she was old enough. Originally looked on by the entire GAF as a soldier with worlds of potential she was sent to Detach Detachment after dropping ordinances on the wrong target and killing over two hundred civilian refugees from the conflict. She is a crack shot and is often used as a sniper.

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