Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

Tales from Space Short Story Contest - On Now!

A Brief History of the Galactic Armed Forces

The Galactic Armed Forces is the military arm of the Galactic Alliance of Globes and Animates.  Established over two hundred solayears ago, the GAF has been protecting its 32 member systems in all four theatres of combat: air, sea, land and space.

With over 2.1 million members from every one of our 193 planets, asteroids and moons, GAF is the largest, most widely trained fighting force in the universe.

The Galactic Armed Forces provide peacekeeping, combat, defense and caravan trade protection functions for all its member globes as part of the GAGA Constitution. It uses only the latest technology, weaponry and communications systems in its mission of Pan Galactic Order.

The head of GAF is the Galactic President, who is elected once every 10 solayears by GAGA wide Etherballot, ensuring instantaneous elections results and completely non-biased voting. Under the President, the five Galactic Sector Generals advise, inform and carry out the orders from their governing body.

Without the brave, intrepid, brilliant troops in GAF, our tiny little globes would be pray to no end of threat, invasion and ultimately annihilation.

the Galactic Armed Forces- all that stands between you and certain death from above.

Note: This is an informational article on the GAF only. For any information regarding past or present GAF members, including but not limited to:

Siegfried Stardust

Glenn Miller

Verily Wrought

Mark Harlow

Marilyn Monroe

Mary Woolstonecraft Shelley


Cleopatra Duquesne

Or any other noteworthy members, please see GAF Personnel Files.

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